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At Account Managers, we search the market daily, for only the lowest rates for our business customers.
Provide fixed contracts for Scottish Power, Eon, British Gas, Shell and Total.
Hassle free and seamless transition from old contract.
Dedicated Account Manager
Seven years of experience.

We have been providing cheaper Gas and Electricity to business users for the last 6 years, saving companies of all sizes , thousands of pounds.

We wanted to make it easier, for business users, to get the best of utility services in an increasingly fragmented market, giving smaller organizations easier access to a range of exclusive utilities deals available.

Pioneers in the industry
AML is enthusiastic and (as you might expect) we have a ‘can-do’ attitude. Our team continues to break new ground as we bring more and more business customers on board. With over 6 years’ experience in utility sales, we believe we are the ideal 3rd party, partner in the industry. AML has a justifiably envied reputation that is second to none and frequently recommended by word of mouth.

Our People
AML has clear objectives and long term goals. We recognize that without looking after our customers , it would be impossible for us to achieve these aims.

We pass on to you the latest offers, prices and contracts from some of the largest energy suppliers. Join us – and be part of the largest utility network in the UK.

Our new partner British Gas

Who are British Gas?

British Gas is one of the largest and most recognisable suppliers of gas and electricity in the UK and also operates under the regionalised brands of Scottish Gas and Nwy Prydain. British Gas Business is a well known and trusted energy supplier who fully understand the British business market and are very proud of their British heritage.

All customers placed with British Gas business will benefit from a dedicated Account Manager who is there to provide them with the first class customer service they deserve.

British Gas Business was the first UK energy supplier to be awarded the Crystal Mark accreditation for its clear and concise jargon free contracts, and it is this, along with great prices and a dedicated account manager for all businesses that has earned it more than 925,000 business customers to date.

Key benefits of the British Gas/AML package

Competitive Prices
1 year supply contracts
Fast and responsive customer support

Our new Partner E.ON

Who is E.ON?

E.ON Energy are part of the world�s largest investor owned Electricity and Gas Company and supply gas and electricity to large industrial and commercial customers across the UK. It is because of this Eon are one of UKs� leading electricity and gas companies, generating, distributing and retailing electricity and gas to millions of homes and businesses across the country. Their aim is to have products that help customers manage the complexities of the energy market by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions within their business.

Key Benefits of the Eon/AML Direct Gas and Electricity Package:

Competitive Prices
3 year supply contracts
Instant prices for gas meters using less than 293,071 kWh.
Spot prices for gas meters over 293,071 kWh
Fast and responsive customer support

Scottish Power

Scottish Power is a leading provider of energy, serving five million homes and businesses in the UK and in the western United States. They generate electricity, operate and maintain large power delivery networks and provide a full range of energy supply services, including metering, billing and call centre support.

Key benefits of the Scottish Power/AML electricity package

Extremely Competitive prices
1 and 2 year supply contracts
Fast registration
Fast and friendly response to queries


SGD have been supplying natural gas to businesses across the UK since 1990. Their focus on excellence in customer services has won them a regular place in independent market surveys, and top position with Data monitor in both 2003 and 2005. Shell’s customers’ range from small businesses to large corporations, in markets as diverse as catering, launderettes, local authorities, nationwide retailers, offices and energy-intensive industrial plants.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell UK, part of the Shell Group, we have the assurance of Shell's substantial North Sea gas reserves and the expertise of our gas trading team to manage your customers gas supply professionally and efficiently.

One of the biggest names in energy, worldwide
AML, a one stop Gas shop!
Exclusive instant pricing via the weekly Shell matrix
Truly “Fixed” prices, with no “small print” increases (< 3,000,000 kWhrs)

Total Gas and Power

Total Gas and Power supply gas and electricity to business customers. Since the energy markets opened up in 1987, Total have grown to become a leading energy supplier.They currently supply more than 65,000 sites (and growing) and have around 20% of the UK industrial & commercial gas market making them the market leaders in this field.

AML works closely with Total Gas and Power to help them service the key sales channel of multiple agencies.

Key benefits of the Total Gas and Power/AML gas package

Weekly matrix and spot prices (over 100,000 kWhrs).
Fast and friendly response to queries






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