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Customer Testimonials

"Thoroughly recommended - Beca did the design for our SongSmith festival last year and captured just what we were looking for." - Q, Jumping Joint

"Yes, I'm very pleased with them. Thank you for a good job, efficiently executed." Bob Long

“Rebecca is a great contributor to our BowShot Web Entrepreneurs' Group. Her commitment to developing her web skills and know-how is impressive.” Nicholas Stevens - Bowshot Ltd







Beca's Handy I.T. Tips and Advice

I have been using computers for ten years now and have accumulated some useful knowledge about them which I would like to share with you here. Most of the advice on here is pretty standard but I am often asked for help with I.T. problems so I have created this page to help people with common I.T. issues. I will keep updating this page with things as I go with any new discoveries which I think might be useful so please check back regularly.


1. Defragmentation - Regular deframentaion of your hard drive is necessary to help keep your p.c running smoothly - I recommend Diskkeeper - using the inbuilt Windows defragmentation facility is not robust enough and does not have automatic scheduling so that it gets done regularly.

2. Registry Maintainence - it is worthwhile to install a registry cleaner and regularly scan your hardrive for rogue files - this helps speed up the computer especially for Internet use and also helps remove old files from previously installed programs. I recommend Registry Tool.

3. Back Up - It is very important to back up your data! If possible use a remote hardrive that will have enough space and keep space on your local drive free for current files and programs. Again, use a program such as Nero BackitUp or other recommended software which will enable you to schedule the jobs and do incremental back ups as well.


4. Internet Security: There are free antivirus and anti spyware software packages available such as AVAST! and AVG which will protect your computer, however extra options for better security will be charged for. Good housekeeping of your browesing history will help keep your p.c. free from viruses - delete cookies regularly and clear out your browsing history. You can change the settings on your browser to do this automaticly if you wish. Using tools such as RegTool will also help in keeping your system secure.

5. Filing System - good housekeeping of your p.c. means the above plus designing a well organised filing system and regular disciplined use of the recycle bin for unused files - easier said than done though!


1. A tip for printing photos is to check the ink settings in the Properties tab and change the default from "Best" to "Normal" - if you are using photoquality paper and have a good printer the results will be just as good and you will use less ink and get more photos printed.

2. I would recommend using Windows Photo and Fax viewer for printing standard size photos depending on your printer. You will need to adjust the settings in the printer's properties box to print photos, however, to print large custom size prints use your photo editior to print to the correct size and allow for a test print first to check things are right.






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